7 Days in September

Siguiendo con el quinto aniversario del 11s, Google video ha colocado un documental titulado “7 Days in September” en su sitio.

“7 Days in September” is a unique piece of filmmaking – a collaborative work that weaves together the images and stories of 28 individuals on the day of and week after 9/11. Director Steven Rosenbaum led the effort that the New York Times described as “Reconstruct(ing) the emotional geography of New York.” The film is a rare human look at the emotions, passions, and pain that followed the attacks on the World Trade Center. While many films have been made, and many more will be made – “7 Days” has captured the attention of audiences and critics in large part because its unvarnished editorial style is presented without any political subtext. It simply says: “this is what it felt like to be in New York during the week of 9/11” and leave it up to the audience to draw their own conclusions.